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E-book: first aid for rope products for horses

E-book: first aid for rope products for horses

Hi! I am Myrthe, 19 years old and I have a passion for making handmade rope products. I can proudly say that my webshop, Nativeropes, is a great success and sells my products worldwide. I also offer workshops to teach others how to safely make a rope halter. Nativeropes has been around since April 8, 2020, so almost 4 years! During this time I have learned a lot about rope halters, such as how to best use them, how they should fit and what to look out for. I have bundled all this knowledge into a free e-book, which I would like to share with you!

In addition to my entrepreneurial blood, I am secretly also a horse girl. That's why I spend a lot of time in the stable, with my dear care horse Mae. Mae is a Rocky Mountain Horse and together we experience the craziest adventures. We go out and use all kinds of rope products that I make myself. Mae is not only my favorite guinea pig, but also a fantastic model for my new products. She is always ready for a photo opportunity.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading my e-book full of fun and interesting facts about the use of rope products. Be sure to check the last page, with a nice discount code

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