nativeropes has also started and accepted a number of collaborations for 2024. They introduce themselves to you below!

The frieslingers

Hi, let me introduce myself! I'm Lisa, 22 years old and I can proudly announce that I have a collaboration with @nativeropes 💕 In this photo you see me with my two ponies. Spirit (12) is on my left and Janneke (22) is on my right. The name “thefrieslingers” comes from their crossbreeding. Both ponies are a cross between a Frisian and a Haflinger! I have had Janneke for over ten years and I have had Spirit since October this year. During the training we focus on positive reinforcement and clicker training. 🥰 Rest and relaxation are our top priority! We are very happy to be part of team Nativeropes❤️
Would you like to follow the adventures of Lisa and her 2 horses? You can do this via @thefrieslingers

The photo was taken by: 📸: @lynnhaverhals.fotografie


Hello I’m Ina, I live on a little
Farm in Norway with my 3 horses, lamas and bunnies. I also happen to be a two legged kid there as well and a fiancé 😆 what I do with my horses: we do love our life in the forest and love to play ♥️ we are our own little team and now I’m a part of the nativeropes Team!🦄♥️. i'm in love with the ropehalters from nativeropes

would you like to follow our adventures? you can do this via instagram: @eventyrhesten

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